Tillie’s Birthday

At 4:36 a.m. on April 27th, two days before her due date, Jeremy and I welcomed Matilda Catherine into the world. Tillie’s birth was hard, wonderful, nerve-wracking, beautiful, and pretty much nothing like I had imagined it. I woke up on Friday, April 26th with a strong feeling that labor was near. I wasn’t having…

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The Third Trimester

As I write this, I am 37 weeks and two days pregnant. It feels pretty surreal knowing that Jeremy and I will be meeting our daughter in less than a month (really, I’m hoping less than three weeks but I’m trying to be realistic and patient). I’ve got to say… these final couple weeks have…

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The Second Trimester

Holy. Moly. We officially entered the third trimester two weeks ago today, which means I can finally write a recap on our second trimester! Most of the moms I’ve spoken to say the second trimester was their favorite, and while I can’t claim that until I’ve experienced them all… I will say, it was a…

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The First Trimester

99% of the people who read my blog are also social media/real life friends, so you already know the news… WE’RE PREGNANT! We’re expecting a baby in April 2019, and it is not physically, emotionally, humanly possible to be more excited than we are. Of course, as I do with everything, I wanted to document…

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Start Now.

I received a snarky comment that said, “It's important to keep something in perspective: at 24, you don't know everything and will be a different person at 34, and also 44.” Was I supposed to shut up until then?

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I write about every single hard thing I've ever been through, but this is easily the hardest post I've written thus far.

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