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Love Bites

As I’m having a superficial meltdown, the security guard approached Jeremy & asked, “Has anyone ever told you that you look like Ryan Gosling?” HEY, COOL, THANKS! We’ll just change our wedding theme to Beauty & the Beast.

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The Truth About Henry

If you aren’t a dog person, I’m sure you’re really sick of hearing about Henry. Even if you are a dog person, I still bet you’re beginning to lose interest. I just adore everything about him. We’ve had him for two weeks, and I already can’t remember how I lived without him. I’ve posted nothing but rainbows & butterflies…

Chocolate lab in the shelter

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The Adoption

I’m a dog person. I don’t know if there’s another name for someone who is absolutely obsessed with dogs, but I’m that. I can spot a dog from blocks away, and I will change my route just to get a chance to pet them. My boyfriend is the same way. It’s become a running joke between Jeremy…

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